Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here is the back of the C-17 plane that our military are transporting U.S. citizens out in after they had unloaded supplies. Lisa and the boys flew out on these.
This is a C-17 transport plane from our Air Force that I have been real close to as I pick up supplies from the airport. Awesome plane!!!

Sorry we haven't kept this up to date. Lisa has not had Internet and I (Don) have not taken time. I do write on Facebook at times so if you want to friend me you can see some updates there.

Since the quake we have had between 8 and 18 medical personal and guests here as they help us work the medical clinic. We had seen around 1000 patients in the first two weeks alone. They are from the slum areas that we work in or in our neighborhood. The slums had not had care or attention until last week by any of the big organizations or rescue teams. They generally are the last to get food and water and medical care because many are afraid to be there.

Lisa has been real busy with helping the boys get back into school, setting up a house to live in and trying to bring some normalcy and stability to their lives. They have seen and been through a lot that they need to process.

You have all seen the pictures of the destruction and damage here and I don't want to dwell on that but show and tell of other things, the good things happening. There is a spiritual awakening going on and the Haitians are have 3 days of fasting, praying and repentance for their country. It is rumored that the President of Haiti is making a declaration for this but has not been confirmed. In our make shift hospital there is a girl whose dad is a pastor and comes and leads all of the patients in pray and singing. Try that in the states!!!

God has brought in wonderful medical personal for just the right time for the cases that we will have during their stay. So many miracles that happen each and every day that are only God things. The Haitians are so thankful for all that the Americans are doing for them.

A large percentage are afraid to go back into their homes even if they don't seem to be damaged and are sleeping outside in their yards, at a open field, next to the street or outside of Port of Prince in the mountain villages. Need to get off but will try to do better updating.