Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get to know Pastor Farem

Pastor Farem and his family live in Port Au Prince, Haiti or used to. They now live in an open field in a tent shelter with many other families. We have known them since 2000 when I made my first trip to Haiti on a short term mission trip. We have grown to love and care about them very much. Farem is a Mennonite pastor and like most pastors in Haiti he has work to support his family as the church pays him very little. I worked with Farem when we lived in Haiti in 2005 - 2006 drilling water wells and doing construction, he speaks English but his family does not. He and his wife, known as Madam Farem in Haitian culture have two children and also have taken in a nephew that his family can not financially afford to keep. The pictures above were taken last November at their home when they had invited us over to their home for Sunday dinner. He had lost his job and had asked us if there was anyway that we could employ them. I appreiciate them asking for work instead of a hand out. We were  not able to help them with employment but were looking for ways to employ them if we could.
  When the earthquake hit on January 12th the family was at home but all escaped injury as the house did not crumble down but it was damaged beyond repair and unhabitable. The family went to an open lot in the neighborhood and has lived there in tents and shelters since the quake. Through the help of our supporters we have given money to help start the tearing down of the house and start rebuilding. It will probably take around $7000 to rebuild the home to a safer hurricane/earthquake resistant structure.  
As you look at the pictures you can understand why they would not want to sleep inside these homes especially when there are aftershocks that come at any time of day or night and you can never know how much more till the whole house comes down.

  I (Don) will be going to Haiti from July 1 -10 to help lead a construction/childrens ministry team and I plan to help Farem with more finances for his reconstruction. If you want to help this family please let me know or send your gift to:
Aid In Action
P.O. Box 337463
                                                         Greeley, CO. 80633
Please join us in aiding a fellow brother in Christ so he can minister to so many that are struggling in Haiti.