Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats happining in Haiti......

 Well, sadly not much has changed. There is still much rubble, some areas seem to not have changed since it crumbled a year ago. The government is still corrupt and in chaos with a presidential election in stalemate and an exiled dictator, Baby Doc, returning to the country to make it even more chaotic. There is more buildings and homes that have been repaired since I was last there in October. The tent cities are still there and some of the tents are taking on the resemblance of a constructed house. I saw some with windows added on the sides and some even have a wooden door into the tent, even semi-truck cabs are being used!
But some things are happening. We have been able to start a Children's Bible Study program in Simon Pele tent city at the church. There are about 70 children coming on Saturdays for singing, Bible stories and then a lesson. These kids are awesome as they sit on the church pews for 3 to 4 hours. Then when the lesson is finished  we have a meal brought in and feed them.
    We need to find curriculum for this program, there is AWANA programs in the country and the leaders can be trained by them.

 Oriol is a security guard for Heartline Ministries and has become a great help to us at Aid In Action. It was his idea for the Children's Bible Study and he organizes it and teaches the lesson. He has a passion to help his people and find help for them. Oriol is 32 years old and is getting married to Ruth on February 5th. Here they are pictured below:
When I went to Haiti this January I took two used wedding dresses and a suit for Oriol and missionary friends will see that the clothes get altered to fit them both. Aid In Action has also helped them get a house finished so that they have a permenant home to live in. Congratulations to both of them.

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