Thursday, April 7, 2011

School in Simone/Pele

Here is a list of the projects that Aid In Action is doing on an ongoing basis.

We financially support Pastor Exil monthly--

financially support the children' program with teachers and food, about 75 kids in program--

purchased music instruments, speakers and key board for church--

and just started another children's program in Citi Soley with about 52 kids right now, this area is poorer than where Pastor Exil is now--

paid to rebuild Pastor Farem's home--

assisted in finishing Oriol and Ruth's home, Oriol is the leader for the children's programs and they just got married in February 2011--

and brought  medical supplies to Maranatha Children's Home and Brothers of Charity Hospital.

While the new school that the Japanese NGO built is a blessing to the community, it is rarely being used. Families do not have the money to pay for the children to go to school or for school supplies. We can help by paying the teachers and purchasing pencils, paper and supplies. We need 7 teachers and they will have a salary of $90/month. All the children in the community can go to the school for free and it is open to all of them. We expect that there will be around 300+ elementary age children at the school.

 Please consider supporting this program by monthly sponsoring a teacher or giving toward school supplies. As soon as we have enough commitments we will open the school for all the community. Basic education is a great way to help an under developed, struggling nation to improve its prospects.

Also consider supporting the Brothers of Charity Hospital in Simon/Pele by being a supporter of Lisa's marathon fundraiser.

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  1. Hi there! I'm Vicente, brazilian, living in Port-au-Prince, working for a medical NGO. I'd like to meet you and know your work here, how can I do? my email is Best regards, Vicente.