Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Eats

There are some very good reasons to live on this Caribbean island, mangos, avacodos, bananas, breadfruit and acra. We love mangos here, they are huge and sweeter than western slope peaches. The avacados are as big as softballs and great to eat just by themselves. That is one avacodo on a dinner plate and I am ready to eat. The mangos are on the left.

We now have a vehicle, it is a Mitsubushi io, not sold in the US but is a smaller version of a Mitsubushi Montero. It will do for now but it is only for 5 people but already we have had 7 in it going to church and I am sure a few more could get in somehow. There are no seatbelt laws here and so we just cram in because of the cost of transportation.

Lisa has had about 7 births since she has been here and Tuesday and Thursday are prenatal days with about 20 women in the program. Word is quickly speading about the quility of care, love and compassion that is provided to these needy women who have never had that type of care and a waiting list is growing fast to get in.

We are hosting Thanksgiving here for some missionary families this year. So far it looks like 75 are going to come. Almost a Buxman family reunion.

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