Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Evening wrestling match by Don

Sitting here getting ready to write and two boys and two dogs, one big and one smaller of each, or maybe all 4 are smelly dogs. We have 2 Mastiff dogs here, the larger named Larry who is 1 1/2 years old and not yet fully grown and a mixed Mastiff/Labrador puppy named Nora. There are here as guard dogs and when clean can come in and out of the house. They do a great job of security just by the site of them, some people will not even come in our gate but wait outside to talk to us. Trent and Joey got into a wrestling match with them and as you can see who the clear winners are.
Lisa and Shane are getting haircuts by a beautician that has here for a couple of days to visit someone and some of the women and Shane go and get theirs done while they have the opportunity. We had a great morning at church, our church here is like the old time camp meetings that I remember going to. Everyone and I mean everyone is singing loud and praising God, it is a great worship time.
We are planning to go look at a vehicle tomorrow and hopefully it will be available so we can have transportation on our own instead of walking or finding rides. Lisa and I will start language classes 3 nights a week also, I was told there is a lot of homework and I want to think my brain is to full for that. But to build relationships with the Haitians, we must be able to converse well with them, so I will streach my brain. There is still a lot of issues with this house that need attention and will try to do plumbing and electrical work in the next few weeks. We would like to have a working sink, it really makes cleaning up easier we have found.
Lisa has really settled in well with the Women's Clinic and doing awesome things. Lisa, Shane, Joey and Corrie really did well surviving in this house with all that went on while I was gone. I will tell more another time what needs to be done with electric and water at this house.
My work here with Heartline will be watching over the three generators and maintenance of them and the batteries and inverters too. Also being involved in the roof top gardening and tilapia fish and the chickens. I guess I am a chicken farmer again! As of right now one of the generators is down and needs the timing belt replaced.
We will be planning over the next months for what God wants us to do with a mens program here. Please be praying with and for us to see what God's plan is to make an impact on these men here that will someday make an impact on the future of Haiti.
Thanks again to all of you that made Trent and my last days in Colorado special with your love and support and goodbyes that were hard to do. May God richly bless you this week.

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