Friday, January 15, 2010

ABC News and Diane Sawyer/ We need DR's

Every day here brings new hopes and despairs.

The children have been returned to the Girls home. It is now ready for them and they are familiar with it. Our home is to quiet.

Slept out side again. Again Larry thought that I was his bed (our huge dog) again I laughed.

Watched large planes cross in the sky - I sobbed knowing that one of those planes had my dear children on it, oh I miss them, but they need to be in the States.

This morning all of us that work with Heartline had a meeting about what is next and how we were going to help.

We will be converting the birth center to a medical/surgical clinic. We will help staff and facilitate taking care of what will soon be one week old injuries. Nasty serious stuff.

We need surgeons, Orthopedic Dr's Anaesthesiologist, RN's You can get in on free flights, we need you soon!

Let me know if you can help

Today Diane Sawyer and her crew were here - I say that as "we lived through a Earth Quake" Every thing is strange so why not have ABC in your yard??

I hope the coverage is good and brings more help to Haiti. I do not know when it will be aired but they are all leaving Haiti today.


  1. We are praying and believing the Lord will do some more amazing work there! Glad you are all safe!

    Ryan & Kara Haines

  2. all out love
    mona & the girls

    we are praying for you

  3. You were on the evening news tonight with Diane Sawyer on Channel 7 in Denver. So great to see you and the kids and the staff of the birth center. You are doing great things ! ! Good that the kids are out - will continue to pray for all of you. Love you, Ellie

  4. I too saw you on the evening was so bittersweet though...wish ABC could be there are a "regular" day broadcasting the wonderful things you guys are doing. But alas, not to be, and "regular" days in Haiti are a ways away!

    Pray in Wisconsin!