Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buxman Bed and NO Breakfast!

I have lost count of how many people are staying in out home. It has become a refuge for many in country to check on their organizations only to find they did not have a safe place to stay. We also have seven Doctors wit us - oh I think a couple of that seven are RN's but they are here helping the wonderful Haitian people we love and we are very grateful.

Last night we had our own 'tent city'. After the second earthquake or after shock what ever you want to call it; not too many wanted to sleep inside. My husband would have but he loves me and was willing to follow me to the great out doors. Dr. Dave came prepared with his mosquito net tent - snazzy set up he has. The other young Dr.'s grabbed our boys mosquito nets off their beds and strung them between the trucks parked in our drive.

This morning my wonderful husband started making coffee for the whole group - he looked at me as said "aren't you going to make breakfast?" How long has this man be married to me??? (almost 30 years) does he not know I do not do breakfast! There is the cereal, the milk, you cannot use the toaster even if we had bread, we have no electricity, there is the oatmeal - Enjoy!
Thanks Don for the coffee! I love having our house full of people but I do not do mornings : ))


  1. I was wondering if Dave was sleeping outside with his mosquito tent :) I feel terrible crawling into my bed each night. I keep thinking about everyone and wish I could be there to help. You're all amazing people!
    Large group of people here in WI praying for all of you. I have been telling everyone I can about Heartline Ministries hoping to bring some awareness to all that you do.

    Dr. Dave's Wife

  2. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. So thankful you are there making a difference in the name of Christ. May your travels back to Colorado, Lisa, be uneventful and may both you and Don be reunited very soon. You may not know it, but you are the hands and feet for all the rest of us who can't be there but who hurt inside because of what is happening to the people you love so much. And, you are carrying the torch so very, very well. Thank you for being such a wonderful testimony for Christ in all you do.

    Tom and Pam
    Colorado Springs