Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now it feels like a bad dream

Hearing the sound of jet plans over our our house, brings mixed emotions; They sound too close to the roar of the Earth Quake so I have the need to run outside; I wonder if my children are on one of them as they are being evacuated with the American Embassy - that brings tears. I am still not able to think in complete sentences yet, so I need to ramble if any news is to be posted here. I cannot keep the days straight, we all keep asking what today is. I realized that yesterday was our oldest son's 28th birthday Happy Birthday Justin! Love you so! We were so busy just taking care of the children and others I did not have time to think - still do not.
I have not had a shower since Monday morning...ewwwww! Maybe tomorrow. We have to run the generator to pump water ( no electricity since Tuesday night) We are using the generator sparingly so to save the fuel, not sure how we will get more.
Crazy long lines - well lines are relatively speaking. Sort of chaos type of lines at the gas stations. Took us three hours to go the four miles and back to the American Embassy, all because of the panic of people to get fuel.
Still sleeping out side... funny story-- This morning at around 2:00 (oh more planes : )) relief??) anyway , this morning we had one really bad after shock, I flew out of "bed" as did many of the others i.e. nannies other adults and older children, small children and babies sleep right through it, okay anyway several of us are up and I tell my son Shane to move his blanket farther away from the house (never know if just one more ofter shock will send it down) At this point my husband gets up, grabs the metal pipe that he has by him 'for protection' and says as he is ready to fight "what what did you hear?" : )) "oh honey, are you going to beat the Earth Quake to death'? We all had a good laugh.
Laughing last night was therapy - and yes we are all going to need some of that. We have two dogs. Larry a beautiful English Mastiff, and Nora and half Mastiff and half lab. They are both so very happy that we have now decided to join them outside to sleep. So much so that they want to sleep with us, right next to us, on us and lick us and sniff us all night long : )) We love Larry so much he is very sweet dog, but so large and he has no idea of 'personal space' he really is Haitian.
We needed to laugh and we did until we hurt.. Thanks Larry and Nora!

We started out first thing this morning, Don I and Jaeda looking for our dear friend Pastor Firom and his family. They do not live far from us and with cell coverage out we had no idea if they were okay.

We found their home but could tell know one could live there. We asked around and a women took us to them. He and his wife and four children with others were 'living' under a small tree, spending the nights in the bed of their tap tap (pickup) So happy to see us, they ran and gave us big hugs. This is common, we found even strangers ask how are, how our children are- a real since of community, we have survived, we have something in common. We helped them our with some money to buy some food and water. He will have to completely rebuild his home - how will he do that? He has no job that pays, his Church is not able to pay him. Pray for Firom and his family.
Several of the nannies and others that work with Heartline have lost their homes. Several we have not heard back from since the first night, maybe they returned home to so much disaster and pain. maybe they feel they have no where to go. We will look for them and see how we can help.
Next we will start handing out food and water, and accessing what is next. But now it is time to settle down for the night, under the stars and the sky now filled with planes. I love you Jaeda, Shane, Trent and Joey. I hope you are on one of those planes - off to safety. Maybe now I have time for a good cry.

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  1. Praying for you all. Fam and I were missionaries in NYC during and after 9-11 and we were exhausted working every day in some sort of clean up/ministering etc. Praying for you to have some nice sleep and a warm shower one day soon. Get rest and stay close to the Lord.

    My 15 yr old niece was at Del Mas 31 with Dale and Joyce. She left today and is headed back home to MN to be with her dad. I hear it has been pretty devastating. News stations here in AL are covering almost 24/7 and urging everyone to send money!

    Blessing to you and the babies. We are also adoptive parents and will pray for peace for you all!
    Lisa Rose