Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simome Pele

Don has been so busy transporting people back and forth from Simone Pele to the clinic and then back again. When he is at the clinic he is moving people and helping in every way. I am married to the most wonderful guy - able to help in any situation and always stable. I do not see him much since I have been helping with the children and getting them ready to leave, I do miss him and will miss him more when I leave. I hope he will come to Colorado in a few weeks for a brake from all of this and for us to talk/ think/ pray about what is next for us.

The nannies are sad to see the children go - happy that they get to go to their 'forever homes' but sad that they will not see them again. I wonder what is going to be like traveling on a military jet with all these children (and a eleven year old, Danya- who has attached her self to me : )). It will be very exciting! We have long pants for everyone and shoes and socks, those planes are very chilly so we want the children to be comfortable. It would be wonderful to travel at night, I think they would sleep and be less bothered by the trip.

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