Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Earth Moved

Do not have the time or emotions to write much but here are some thought.

Don and I had been in 'town' had intended to drive down in the area that was hit the hardest. I said hey lets take this road - we were having fun being lost. Saved us from being there at the wrong time.
We were going to go out to dinner (our daughter Jaeda is here) We got home about 10 min. before it hit. We did not have time to leave again and be away from home stuck.

Never felt anything like it. The whole house moved. Everything on the floors, broken. We got out side, even thought I had been changing my clothes and had nothing on...grabbed a dress as I ran out - screaming Yes I am a screamer.

The whole city seemed to be in a cry. Dust everywhere.
Then the ofter shocks.
Everyone out of their homes, many singing - praying, many hurt.

Don and I walked to the clinic, but only got to the boys home where every wall was down. all the children were safe.

girls home about the same -everyone safe.

brought everyone to our home - we still had walls, safer.

fed the children crackers and peanut butter, water and layed sheets out on the concrete for beds.
more after shocks.

Trent had a rat stalking him, so he thought, rats are no big deal now.

Of course no electricity.
No running water.

Don is off to see what rebuilding will be like, materials are going to go fast.

Pray for Haiti.


  1. all my prayers and thoughts to you all

    Patricia , living in Paris , France

  2. Praying for you!
    Hugs to you all & all that you're ministering to.
    Love you.

  3. Thanks for the update. You have been in our prayers, Lisa.

  4. Dear Don and Lisa-
    I've been praying for you a lot lately- for recovery! Now we are praying hourly for you all.
    How can we help?
    Lori Smith

  5. Don and Lisa - Even though we haven't been in contact for a long time, our first thought when we heard about the quake was you and Brumley's. So thankful for the Lord's protection. Have been praying and will continue to pray. Please let us know if there is anything we specifically can do to help you. In Christ, Tom and Pam Atkinson, Colorado Springs

  6. We are praying for you here! My students prayed for you today! Knowing God will use you in a mighty way! So thankful for your safety!


  7. Our family has you in our prayers - we are so glad to hear that you are safe. May God pour His strength thru you as you continue to reach the people of Haiti. The prayers of our kids melt my heart - LillieMae (6) is praying for water and for safe shelter and for comfier places to sleep. (we read your blog together and she is concerned about people sleeping on concrete.) Know that you remain on our hearts - and will be prayed for and prayed for... May you see Him in all of this...

    Jim and Amanda Barnes