Saturday, January 16, 2010

what is running in my head

I think it is odd when we look at injured people and causally say to each other "he is going to die."
I never thought of ice as a luxury. I do now.
Dr.'s working without drinking water - that is wrong.
I love it when people from different organizations and denominations work lovingly together.
Sight of all the tents and people living outside - becoming a new community - resilient.
I cannot believe I am here in this.
I love that I have an Internet phone and I can call my sister and cry and she will pray for me - love you sister!
Children walking barefooted on all the broken cinder blocks
Children smiling, holding my hand as we walk through the slum they call home.
I love my children.
I am married to superman!


  1. Lisa, I cannot believe you are there either. I am home now and will find out from Paige what I can do for you best. Love you and we are praying...

  2. Lisa, I am praying for you all the time. Wish we could help with our hands, but we will help with the donating part. Dave is hoping that the signs at the hospital brings you some medical help... I am praying you start to feel some relief from the relief workers and the relief aid that is coming into Haiti. loveyou,
    Lori Smith in Greeley

  3. Lisa,
    This is Laura Oakes (Kevin and Marleen Oakes' oldest daughter) from Greeley Colorado. I live in Arizona now and my church wants to help and they are looking for groups to partner with. Mike Hodgin spoke about you today at church and my mom mentioned it to me. So I thought I would attempt to get in touch with you. I know you are very busy-but my church is looking to send down a team to help, including doctors and maybe nurses. I attend The Grove Church in Chandler, AZ. Palmer Chinchen and Paul Gunther are trying to orgainze a group to go down to Haiti. I'm giving them your name and info. I hope this is ok. I emailed Heartline with my personal info for you or Don. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Don and your kids as well as everyone in Haiti that you are working with. God Bless. Please let us know what else we can do.
    Laura Oakes (now Laura Wiechertjes!)
    PS-I hope your kids are doing well, I haven't seen them in forever...they all grew up!

  4. I think my Aunt Lisa is a hero.

    Leah Bond

  5. Love you. Lots of my friends here in Detroit and other parts of the country are reading your blogs & praying for you by name.
    Love & hugs!

  6. Hi Lisa! So glad Shawna linked to your blog from Facebook, I knew you were okay but your writings here give me more of an idea of what you have experienced and how to pray for you. You are in my thoughts often throughout the day - praying for you to have supernatural strength and peace and for God to keep you sheltered beneath His wings...I know He already has.