Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had read the statistics and even spoke about them but I was surprised to met one of the statisitcs, and to have her working in our home. Alexis is one of the more the 50% illiterate people here in Haiti. She is 19, never been to school and we are the first internationals she has ever worked for (white people). It has taken me the two weeks we have been here to try to get my head around that. 19 and never been to school. Developing a relationship and investing in Haitians is a great joy. I have also heard that over 60% are unemployed, and living here I do not find that hard to believe. She is happy to have the job and I am happy to have her much needed help. We cannot communicate very well, with my little Creole and she speaks no English, but once I am in language school I look forward to this changing. I also would like to get her enrolled in Heartline's literacy program, it would open her world up.

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