Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going it alone

Before I got this wonderful mosquito net I was 'sleeping' or trying to sleep in...long sleeve Tshirt, long P.J. pants, socks and my 'Bells'running gloves -no joke. There is nothing worse then having your fingers bit by mosquitoes, then you are up scratching and scratching terrible. Bill Moxon was here and suggested we get some nets, I really kind of 'poo pooed' the idea because the one experience I had with a net was not positive. I was willing to try anything. I was sweating so much at night being dressed like that I was not sure what was worse, no sleep from sweating or no sleep from being eaten by mosquitoes. Bill hung the nets... No bites not one! We all suffered from chemical burns on our faces and eyes but we did not suffer from mosquitoes! Note; shake out the nets to get some of the chemicals off before hanging, and do not touch your face after tucking yourself in at night! We had a good laugh the next morning with everyone reporting their own chemical story, well, except Corrie who some how did not suffer.
Thank you Bill! We really do love the nets now that the chemical load is not so in Haiti.
I have been on my own here since Don returned to the States on the fifth of October. I think it has been a month but only one week ---cannot possible be true! I do believe this is the most difficult thing I have ever done, I miss him and Trent so! Get here soon Don and Trent!!!!!!

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