Sunday, October 11, 2009

We are with out a car so that makes us dependant on all others with wheels. This morning we were blessed with a ride to church with Debbie and Tim. This was their first time to PAP Fellowship. It was nice to spend some time with them, I look forward to getting to know them better. Church was wonderful as always! Joey went home with Bill and Suzette to play with their boys - he was thrilled. The rest of us (Corrie her dad Bill, Shane and I) decided we needed a litter adventure- and the fact that I had very little food in the house ( another draw back of not having a car) we decided to take a Tap Tap to the Deli Mart and eat at EpiDor; something close to a McDonald's. It is great to have Bill around with his Creole skills!!! So helpful! Tap taps are the mass transit of Haiti. Many of the Tap Taps are brightly colored pick-up trucks with a shell over the back. You are crammed in with as many people as possible - the driver wants to make a living at this, so the more paying passengers the better. Haitians are used to having NO personal space! We also picked up a plunger at the Deli Mart (closest thing to a grocery store) Evey home needs a toilet plunger!

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  1. Dear Lisa-
    Thinking of you today as I catch up on your blog.
    Hope your house works better these days!
    I am praying again for your adjustment and your work there in Haiti...
    Cold here today- we went from summer to fall to snow over the weekend. Too cold for this time of
    year! Warm sunshine is coming later this week...
    Lori Smith