Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sisters of Charity

I do not have pictures to go with this post. They do not allow pictures to be taken inside the Sisters of Charity's Children's hospital. I will do my best to paint a picture with words. Cribs lining the walls and down the middle of each of the several rooms. It is dark, but clean, plastic flowers hang from the ceilings, giving the children who are lying in the cribs something beautiful to look at. Crying and more crying. Sisters and volunteers holding, feeding,bathing, loving, changing, children. Children, the very sick ones are here, the ones whose parents have lost hope, or just do not know what to do - are here. I wandered into a room where a one year old caught eyes with me, her pleading cries and out stretched arms - I could not resist, she was in my arms in a breaths time. She clung to me, weighing almost nothing. Her hands clasped around my bag hung on my shoulder -tight. She put her thumb into her mouth and went to sleep but not before looking deep at me into some part of me I did not want touched. Shane had walked into the same room and he too had a child in his arms to comfort, we looked at each other with what was left of our reserve. we gave into the tears. So much hurt, and suffering. These are the lucky ones. Millions more like them out there in Haiti, hungry, sick, alone, Someone hold them.

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