Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is the patio off our master bedroom. I like to leave this door open because it lets in a breeze, it also let in a cute tarantula --the door is shut for now on. Bill Moxon has been her since last Wednesday, he brought in a couple tubs for us and is enjoying being with his daughter (our teacher for the boys) Bill and Darla lived in Haiti, have been back in the States for 12 years. Bill has amazing Creole and it is SO helpful to have someone who can talk with our Haitian staff. He can get us around on a Tap tap and order food etc! Thanks Darla for letting us have his help! Joey went into my room last night and saw the Tarantula.... What did I do? "Bill!!!!!" What would I have done if he were not here? Corrie and Shane will have nothing to do with killing one and Joey thinks they are cute, I think that leaves me to deal with any more unwanted 'visitors' : (

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