Friday, October 16, 2009

A new day

I survived what has been the most difficult 24 hours thus far for me in Haiti. Wednesday evening we were sitting around reading emails and watching the movie "Amazing Grace" Damian included (more about her later).... anyway it started to rain, kind of normal for this time of year. I happened to walk into my room and noticed some water on the floor, threw a towel down, walked down stairs to check things out down there --- if you are going to have a flood it should start on the first floor right???? The sky lights were dripping, threw some more towels down. Joe was with me on this search , we revisited the up stairs....... water coming in the doors off the patio at an alarming rate. In no time water was standing in my room and the landing where we watch movies and sit with out lap-tops. We quickly got all electronics up and started grabbing towels. It was obvious that we were loosing. Water was cascading down the stairs to the first floor. I went out on the patio in the pounding rain to see what I could do to keep the water from coming in. The two very small drains that were on the patio could not keep up with the amount of rain and added to that was all the water coming off the roof through pipes onto the patio----- just a small design flaw! I tried to push more water into the drains but there was nothing I could do, water was 6 - 8 inches deep there and rushing into the house. I 'plugged' up the space under the doors ---- nothing helped. Made a call to Beth, like she could help. She kind of laughed, I don't think she had any idea what was going on and everyone here has had a flood or two ; It was my turn. We worked for two hours, mopping up with towels and wringing them out into 18 and 20 gallon tugs, then when they were full we would bucket the water to the sink (Joey's job) We filled up at least four of them in no time. Our house help who lives here with us , came into help so there was Corrie, Shane, Damian, Joey and I and Alexis. When we could not get a brake from it I called Troy, he said he did not having any suggestions..... Finely the rain slowed and so did the river in our house. We started cleaning the first floor.... more tubs and buckets and towels. Looked into the guest room by Corrie's room, we could not believe our eyes... at least six inches standing. At that point I thought this is crazy I need a pump (still thinking like an American) Called John, I think he thought it was funny but he did say he would give the situation some thought and call back. Just that day I bought some trash cans, Joey started bucketing water into a 18 gallon tub with the trash can - I jumped into help. The others were cleaning up the kitchen and Damian's room. We had dumped 8 tubs of water out of that room when Troy and John showed up. They went out side to look at the situation there and what could be done top prevent this from happening again. I think last count of full 18 gallon tubs from just that room was 13 could have been more. We finished up with towels and wringing. Exhausted! I think it was around 10:30 at this point.
At two I heard it start raining again and made a run through the house looking from more water...none! Fell asleep around three a.m. At 4:15 a.m. my phone rang - this could only mean a labor, yes Beth was coming to get me we had a young girl only 17 in labor at the Birth Center!

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  1. Is this the "river of God"? What a different way of life. I guess the motto is "blessed are the flexible because they will not be bent out of shape." We're praying for you. Thanks for the story.