Saturday, October 3, 2009

broken glass

Corrie killed her first cock roach! I found what I first thought was a dead mouse under the sink. We are learning to live with biting ants, the heat and being consumed by mosquitoes = life in Haiti. Friday spent our first night in our house. Midnight power came on (we did not know) and water was being pumped into our holding tank on the roof.....sounded like a water fall at three a.m. Sent Don out to find out what was going on - he turned off the pump....Haiti. We have been very spoiled with electricity 12 hours a day. Because this is not going to be the normal and it will be a big shock when it changes!!!! Learning to use the generator and inverter and all that is required to go with that... New education! For some reason I am not able to add pictures of all of this - will get them on later. Thank you to all of you that make this possible! We really do love it and are sooooo happy to be here! Cannot wait until Wednesday to do prenatal visits in the inner city!!! Women who have never had any prenatal care!!!

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