Saturday, October 3, 2009

day two

We stayed with the Mchoul's Wednesday night, then went to our house to keep working, stopping first at the clinic. I had no makeup on and looked like I was in shock; I was. Anyway dear sweet Jonna said "did you get your hair colored?" That was all it took - melt down. On to our house -full of tubs to be unpacked sorted-cleaned etc..... at one point Don was looking through some tubs and found what he thought was rags, pulled on one and out dropped two glass goblets---these had been my mothers and for some reason seeing this I just fell apart. Sitting on the floor sobbing. Some how having them meant a part of my mother was with me here in Haiti. I still have six of the eight. Byron must have seen me because he left and with in thirty minute was back with his wife Shelly and two of their helpers ANGELS! Angels with food and encouragement,help. They washed all of my dishes, mopped floors with our helper Alexes. {sigh double sigh}.

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