Friday, October 30, 2009

I am woman....but I wish my man was here!

I am at the end of my one month survival in Haiti without Don.... not soon enough! I have achieved some things in my 50 years, but one thing has not changed......I HATE machines, I am not mechanical, I do not want to be. I have been shown how to change oil, tires, etc on a car and I kind of watch..... I do not want to know. One of the biggest hurdles for me here is being in charge of the mechanical 'stuff' that is just a part of living in Haiti. The battery inverter, generator, and......gas range : / We ran out of propane this week so Jean got me more, hooked it up (good thing I never could have, I would have thought it was going to blow up) but I needed to start the pilot lights. The ones for the burners -no problem but the oven, Take this off - move this - unscrew these screws -hold down count to 30........I did it! We will have the traditional home made pizza for supper and Corrie baked a cake!
The generator that is another thing. Lost power this morning, the batteries were dead and I NEEDED coffee before our 11 mile run, I was not happy. Battery on the generator was dead, but I put on the charger ( I watched John when he showed me, really I did!) but nothing! I gave up on the idea for coffee and decided I had better get ready to go run... DON GET HERE THE GENERATOR IS ALL YOURS!!!!!!

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