Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have lost my camera so the pictures will have to come later : / I know that I had it when I walked home from the clinic because I was taking pictures but after that it is all a blur.

I was not here in Haiti for the first chapter of "Natasha's" story, but I was privileged to be a part of this chapter of her and her sons life. Here is what I know. "Natasha" came to Heartline's Women's program to get birth control. After the routine pregnancy test she was told 'sorry no birth control it is too late.' Let me explain as best I can - women's rights are not the same here as in the US. Women do not have a voice and rape is not against the law. If a women needs a place to sleep, she's expected certain services. I do not know exactly what the situation was for "Natasha," but as the result of a one night stand she found her self pregnant. Do not fool your self, the father of the child could not care less not only was he married, he was married to one of the other expectant moms in our program. "Natasha" was not happy about the pregnancy. She already had six children four of which family members were 'caring' for (this is very common in Haiti) she was with out a home, job and had two children to care for. She wanted to abort the baby. Because of another families blog some church group wanted to cover her expenses -rent on a small home, provide food. She maintained the pregnancy with every intent to abandon the baby at the public hospital. As is routine for our women we have their lab work done. STD's are common place here, we need to know the general health of the women including her HIV standing. "Natasha" went for her testing, the results were positive. If a women tests positive we have them tested at least one more time, false positives are very common." Natasha" was HIV positive with out a doubt after three tests were positive.
This women not only got pregnant but was given HIV- devastated cannot even touch how she felt. The 'family' at Heartline poured out their love and care to her over the next months. Caring for her in her depression and many bouts with infections - loving her. She was encouraged to come to the clinic when she went into labor, since we are finely staffed and starting to do deliveries. No one was sure if she would come to Heartline or go to General Hospital where she said she was going to abandon the child.
Yesterday evening "Natasha" came to the clinic in labor-we were thrilled to care for her and help her through this difficult time. Labor was slow through most of the night, but by morning she was beginning to labor well. We as a team prepared our roles and were ready to practice Universal precautions. We prayed for an uncomplicated birth and a healthy baby. At 9:30 this morning "Natasha" delivered a 8lb baby boy. We worked as a team and did everything possible to minimize expose to the baby. "Natasha" had made it very plain that she did not want anything to do with the baby, did not want to hold the baby, name the baby; nothing, we had that worked into the 'plan.'
The baby was born and lovingly held by Jonna, bathed by Stephanie and loved on by all of us. Later I am happy to say, "Natasha" did want to see her baby. She was happy that he was big and healthy. Later in the day with Stephanie's care "Natasha" named him David. This evening we drove to Heartlines children's home and left David, he will be tested for HIV and cared for. David will be placed for adoption and be one more of the several hundred children that Heartline has placed in loving homes in the States. We drove "Natasha" home. How distressful to leave her there without her child. Pray for ""Natasha and David - well , for all of us here in Haiti as we work to be His hands of love to those so in need. It has been an emotional day for all of us.
As soon as I find my camera I will post some pictures. Be mindful that "Natasha" could be one of the many women we have the privelage to care for here in Haiti.

On a lighter note....Shane is on a rampage in his room killing cock-roaches {sigh} Joy!

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