Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursdays -Love them!

This is the women that did not make it to the born outside in the dirt! pa bon. All is well, she and baby were rushed inside the clinic and cared for. Baby was bathed and started nursing in no time. This mother tested positive for Hep b so we were able to treat her baby so he will not be effected by it. This picture is was getting a postpartum check by Beth, one of the many perks of having your baby at Heartline (or out front) is the continued care. For the next year she will be part of the Child Development class where she will receive a meal, and check ups on the baby and teaching about ---child development : ))
The other pictures are of our lovely pregnant women. Each Thursday they come and are weighed, and vitals taken. They are given a full prenatal once a month until 32 weeks then every two weeks, then every week starting at 36 weeks. Lab work is maintained, HGB is
The women in the purple dress (holding her side) had a blood pressure of 200/135
and a HGB of 6. she has missed class six times - shows that she is not taking her vitamins and iron that we give out. It is very sad that we had to tell her because she is so high risk we could not deliver her at our clinic and that she needed to go to Doctors Without Borders Hospital right away. We sent a photo copy of her prenatal records with her. She cried. it is a very serious situation and I am sure if not for the knowledge she has received through our program she would have planned to birth at home unattended, for her that could have been deadly.
We have set the protocol for the women that if they miss more then three meetings then they will be removed from the program. Might sound harsh, but we have a long waiting list of women wanting in, and all we ask is for them to be there on Thursdays get their vitamins and iron and take some responsibility for their health. These women love it, they are blessed their babies are blessed and we are blessed!!!!!

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  1. Hi Lisa!
    I love to read your posts! What a life you live
    down there! Pray for my littlest one ShanShan. She's headed to surgery this Thursday 10/29 for
    anenoids and tonsils out... They are so enlarged they cause some airway obstruction. So yes, time to get them out, but as a momma, I'd much rather she'd not go into surgery... love to you!
    Lori Smith