Saturday, October 3, 2009

first few days back in Haiti

We touched down in Haiti already emotionally charged. Saying good-bye to so many loved ones left me raw. I was not prepared for what was a head. We lived in Haiti for 10 months 2005 - 2006. We lived in a new home that we had built, picked out and purchased most everything in the home. Everything worked! We are living in Port Au Prince now and renting a home in a nice "middle class" area. This home is owned by a Haitian man who lives in New York. The house is beautiful from the outside and inside is not too bad, but behind all of that it is a Haiti built home, those who live here understand. I knew better, but I just did not expect for so many things to be wrong with the house. We were greeted with Beth and Stephanie and Megen who were cleaning the house and helping to get it ready for us. We were also greeted by Larry our Mastiff and Nora our mastiff/lab puppy. Ohhh soooo cute did not last too long as we realized that Nora only likes to pee inside and not out. I have no screens on the doors so I cannot keep her out. Larry loves to find the mud lie in it and come and 'show ' us what he has been up too. Larry I do not mind so much because he is a watch dog and worth his mud!

We went to work on the house and unpacking. Checking out the house, unfortunately finding what did not work : ( Joey came in to wash his hands at the kitchen sink and said it hurt to rinse- we thought he was just goofing off. Then I touched the sink and got a shock - yep it hurt. Long story - Many electrical problems, plumbing issues... and there is NO place for a washing machine!
The owner came over the next day to meet us and when asked why there is no place for a washing hook up he said " I forgot". Most Haitians have someone doing their laundry in tubs so I guess that is what he was thinking - mind you this man has lived in the US for 20 years, I bet he does not do his laundry in a bucket in New York! So on and on it went. Too many melt downs to count. I am so grateful for my husband who is able to fix almost anything! We had wonderful ministry friends helping too. Byron spent many hours working on the funky electrical issues.... In order to turn on the entry way light you must --- go in, the up stairs and too the right and flip the switch! (all in the dark) Oh I would have thought of that!!!!!

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  1. Hey Buxmans,
    We are at Betty and Joes.
    Read your Blog about no water, no electricity,no washer and the dogs. Can't imagine the circumstances there. Will leave here in the morning to go to our place in Donna.
    We are very anxious to see what our place looks like and to sleep in our own bed.
    I wish you would share your blog with our pastor in Spiro. (I think you have his e-mail address.)
    If you have time send us another message here today because it may take me a while to get the wherewithall on my computer.
    Betty and Joe are great. Had wonderful steaks last night. Connie joined us for dinner and talked to Brant on the phone. He is doing good.
    Our prayers are with you and the angels are around you to protect you.
    Mom and Dad