Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jinnetts birth

Many of the women we have the honor to take care of at the Women's Center are single. Many have very little voice and control over their lives - including their reproduction. Jinnette is special because she comes from an 'intact family'. The call came last night around 7:00 it was her husband calling Beth to let her know he was bringing his wife to the center, she was in labor. Beth first thought it was the guard from the WC calling because it is so unusual to have a husband involved. This is Jinnette's fifth child, and because she has done this before she knew to get to the WC before there were no "machines" available, even though she was not in hard labor. ( a machine - a tap tap; the mass transit of Haiti, colorful pick-ups with a cover over the back. You tap tap on the side when you want off. They are all but impossible to find at night) she continued to labor very nicely and at 11:03 last night she delivered a baby boy (of course no girls since I arrived!) I love this picture of Jinnette and her husband, he is so happy!


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