Wednesday, October 14, 2009

running in Haiti and Disney Marathon training

I think these pictures are blue because of the pollution that we run in!!! hack hack cough! Blahh, It is really bad when you drink your Gatorade and it tastes like Diesel fuel. {sigh} Oh well this is Haiti.
There are around 14 of us running the Disney Marathon January 10 in Orlando Fl. Some people are running the half marathon (Shane is one of those) and the rest are running the full (insane me) There is a great cause behind this madness, we are raising support to purchase a much needed transport vehicle - Ambulance, for emergency situation when we need to transport from the Birth Center to the National Hospital (that is another story). We will have much more information soon on just how you can become involved in pledging $ per mile or for the entire race. All Very exciting.
So far (two weeks) I do not like running in Haiti ( I am being nice with my adjectives here). Gone are the quiet, pristine, tranquil runs along the river trail there in Colorado. Now I have noise, pollution, people and dogs and a few goats, rocks, holes in the road, gravel, mud, trash and more trash.... to maneuver around, It is work. I have to run looking at the ground to make sure I do not trip and fall (I have a history of this), this makes for really bad form. When my training log states that "today's run; work on form and speed" I have to laugh! The worst of it for me is the heat. I stress every day about my run, not running long enough completely off my training guide that I was so religious about before leaving Colorado. This morning I had about convinced myself that I was done with this whole thing and would rather not run then be the last one across the finish line. I will do it because of the cause -- I need to raise lots of $ to make the sweat and humiliation worth it : ))
So help out here Please!!!!!! Shane and I along with our daughters Paige Greiner and Jaeda Buxman will be representing the Buxman's in this.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I'm a believer that one day Haiti will have its own marathon.